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Suspended ceiling tiles

The possibilities with hanging stretch ceiling panels are boundless. You may get a beautiful mood and finish without modifying your ceiling.

Stretch Ceiling membrane can be used to replace suspended ceiling tiles  can be used to replace suspended ceiling tiles.  You can therefore replace these frames that are not smooth and made of Fiberboard.

Contractors have employed suspended ceilings as the sole way to build an accessible ceiling in offices, shops, industrial operations, and hospitals for years.

It has the benefit of being simple to install and useful for running wires or gaining easy access above the ceiling for maintenance.

The main disadvantage is that all of these hung panels are the same color, old white, with a texture with gaps that gather all types of dust and a horribly boring and porous appearance, devoid of luster and colors.

You may make your tiled suspended ceiling absolutely smooth by adding colorful panels, or you can use lit stretch ceiling panels to light up your interior.

The stretch ceiling membrane used in suspended tiles may be printed and is also acoustic. For your interior comfort, we have a vast selection of acoustic membrane.

The standard dimensions of hanging panels are 2×2 or 4×2.
We have placed considerably bigger panels in industries, for example, to provide a more decorative and less austere side to the existing ceiling or to lower the height of the surface and therefore contribute to air conditioning economy.

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