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Real estate agent, your client wants to sell or acquire an apartment or a house.
If your client wants to undertake some renovations before the sale or is thinking about making some interior modifications after the acquisition, you have a tool in your toolbox that he can employ.

Contractors, your construction experience helps you to evaluate the stretch ceiling’s performance. Indeed, not having to remove popcorn from the ceiling will be appreciated by your customer.
The ability to put spotlights in a condo is another selling point for your clients. It saves time to be able to demolish wall divisions without having to replace the entire ceiling. Offering your consumers a glossy ceiling that increases the illusion of height and thus surface is also a strong argument.
Furthermore, the ability to replace a ceiling without having to shield, touch, or dispose of asbestos is possibly the most important invention in decades.

Engineers and Architects, the stretched ceiling now gives you options that were previously unthinkable.
The stretch ceiling is available in a variety of colors, and the canvas will survive for decades without needing to be repainted and crack free. Today’s stretch ceilings come in geometric and three-dimensional shapes to accommodate your consumers’ every need. Ceilings provide a more convenient installation to pass wires and pipes than drywall.
The stretch ceiling has been proven for over four decades in Europe for both residential and commercial applications, where technical requirements are extremely stringent too.
Here’s a tool to help you improve your creativity, engineers and architects. For your information, the stretch ceiling is also a sound-absorbing and insulating material. For your information, the stretch ceiling is also an insulating and acoustic material. The stretch ceiling can be used as a decorative element or as a replacement for a standard ceiling.

We have a large number of happy customers.

You can receive a pre-estimate the same day

In record speed, a pre-estimate of how to proceed. Simply said, I only require two elements in order to present you with an estimate. The dimensions of the space where the stretch ceiling will be erected, as well as some images of the room’s perimeter.

The stretch ceiling is estimated in square feet, however various variables can affect the ultimate price. The number of angles, the height of the original ceiling, the geographical location of the site, the height of the windows and bay windows, and the placement of the fire sprinklers are also to take in  considerations.

Stretch Ceiling Advantages

The stretch ceiling, in addition to its decorative aspect, can provide a number of benefits, which we shall list below:

  • The Stretch Ceiling membrane may be cleaned quickly and easily at any time.
  • Without needing to buy another stretched membrane, it is simple to remove it for probable repair or flooding above.
  • The installation of a stretch ceiling does not create a mess.
  • Stretched ceiling film offers for a unique style and decor, as well as endless alternatives.
  • The stretch ceiling may be customized in a variety of 190 colors, forms, and 18 finishes.
  • A stretch ceiling is simple to maintain and more cost-effective over time.
  • Wires, fissures, pipes, and old broken down dividers may all be hidden below the stretch ceiling.
  • If you use recessed spotlights or transparent finishes, the stretch ceiling adds to a very nice lighting ambience.
  • The gleaming stretch ceiling is a fashionable and enjoyable design element. The gleaming stretch ceiling does, in fact, offer a remarkable depth to the area while also giving the appearance of a larger volume.
  • It contributes to the thermal insulation of a room in the house as well as having its own acoustical features.
  • The stretch ceiling is humidity resistant and can be used in any moist area, including outside under a covered porch.
  • It can also resist extremely heavy weights without breaking.
  • The decorator or customer can personalize and print the PVC Stretch Ceiling according to their needs or inspiration.
  • The stretch ceiling installation eliminates the need to move furniture and leaves no dust or debris behind.
  • Installing or modifying the stretch ceiling is quick and easy, and depending on the size of the space, it can generally be done the same day.
  • A stretch ceiling can also be used to conceal recessed lighting or to add recessed lighting to a concrete ceiling slab.
  • Because the substance of each stretch ceiling film is incombustible, the stretch ceiling decreases the risk of fire.
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
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Asbestos-containing popcorn ceilings must be removed using highly expensive, very dirty processes that necessitate a town hall permission, as well as a hefty extraction and unique recycling procedure. without the use of highly trained staff wearing specific clothes
If you choose the stretch ceiling, none of this is essential because we never touch the ceiling and are never in contact with flying asbestos particles.
Installing a stretch ceiling beneath an asbestos ceiling does not require a permit, and there is no dust created. You’ll save a lot of money and time.

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