signage custom fabric led light box

LED Light Box signage for Wall or ceiling

Illuminated sign with LED backlit graphic

What Should You Do With Your Custom Light Boxes?

Stretch ceilings provide an additional option. Advertising or signaling panels that are lighted or not.

The illuminated advertising panels are provided to draw attention to a product or a location where a novelty might be shown.

They are primarily composed of aluminum, are light, and do not age. The lit aluminum box can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall.

You might have a photo, a sign, or an image of decorations illuminated to provide ambience or design effect, depending on your preference.

Restaurants will love the printed and led backlit graphic since they can showcase one of your delicacies or brighten a wall with a spectacular perspective. Hotels, motels, hair salons, and airport terminals can all benefit from the printed and illuminated boxes.

The LEDs light boxes can be placed anywhere there is a wall or a ceiling and you want to display something unique or significant.

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