faux printed painting frame

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Simply hang your favorite picture on the wall.

You pick the frame and the artist's painting, and we'll take care of the rest.

We offer the stretch ceiling membrane you require, with that beautiful texture and matte finish that adds an inconceivable dimension to reality.

We have the right tools

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Matte, satin, and gloss finishes are available.

A table painted in gloss to intensify the shine of the paint or satin to give it a simple reflect of attenuated brilliance can also be imagined in your overflowing imagination.

We have the right tools

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UV Varnish on STretch Ceiling Membrane

What is UV varnish, exactly?

 UV varnish is a type of varnish that is applied and dried using ultraviolet light. It produces a more vibrant, rich, and tactile feel, and gives any printed item an instant professional look. Spot varnish highlights specific sections of a printed item while also adding gloss and depth to select elements on a page. Varnishes can be used on a printing press as well.

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